April 1, 2012

For Immediate Release, April 1 2012. The Honest Kitchen, producer of all-natural, dehydrated, human-grade whole foods for pets, is launching a risque new advertising campaign, replete with double-entendres and saucy tag lines.

The campaign, which features provocative statements such as “Is that a banana in your pet’s food (or are you just pleased to see us)?” will debut in various media formats nationwide. The imagery also pushes the boundaries of convention, with company employees appearing featured in some of the ads.

“We wanted to do an ad campaign that showed the humor and true personality of our brand and the people who make up our corporate team,” commented Lucy Postins, the company’s founder and CEO. “With the investment capital we brought on last year, we now have the financial means to push the limits a bit in the way we promote our line, and we felt this was a fun, eye-catching way to draw attention to the whole food human-grade products we put our heart and soul into creating,” she continued.

The communications philosophy behind the campaign, according to Marketing Manager Carmen Velasquez who spearheaded the project, is to provoke consumers into thinking twice about what they feed their pets, while at the same time highlighting The Honest Kitchen’s near-naked transparency in operations and ingredient sourcing. The company uses no ingredients from China (and supports the Free Tibet Movement) and goes to great lengths to be fully explicit about the provenance of every ingredient is uses.

Some of the other taglines in the campaign include:
“Meet us online to see what we like to do with our vegetables.”
“We make Love® gently.”

Click here to view a selection of ads from the campaign.

While some customers who’ve previewed the new campaign have reacted with shock, most have been un-phased by the company’s fun new approach. The majority of The Honest Kitchen’s customer base is made up of educated, affluent women and the company reports that several of them have actually claimed their husbands will now be more inclined to get involved in making the dog’s food.

The Honest Kitchen is also considering a social media contest this summer, to allow customers to enter to win the opportunity to be featured in one of the company’s ‘naked’ ads, which will be shot at the human grade food production facility that produces all Honest Kitchen dog and cat foods.