June 4, 2013

When you find a company that takes such great care to find the best quality ingredients for your pets, it really means something. That's why I am so excited to share with you, The Honest Kitchen. We found The Honest Kitchen some months back and it is now our preferred food for our dogs and cats as well as our fosters.

Being the lovers that we are of this food, I was so excited to receive a 4 pound box of force (which we hadn't tried before) from The Honest Kitchen to review as well as a few items to giveaway to two lucky people. This 4 pound box makes approximately 16lbs of fresh food. Wait, how is that possible, you might ask? Premium Ingredients Well, The Honest Kitchen's food is dehydrated, which retains all the natural nutrition in the ingredients used.

And speaking of ingredients, The Honest Kitchen carefully sources some of the best human-grade ingredients to create nourishing food that you can feed every day to your dog or cat. All ingredients are 100% human grade, and NEVER EVER GMO! They also try to use as local and organic as possible. Checkout the food guide for more specifics on ingredients and nutrional values. Force is one of their gluten-free varieties. It is made with free-range chicken and fresh produce. Read full post