October 6, 2011

As you probably know, The Honest Kitchen has taken a strong stance against puppy mills since day one. We’ve never allowed our products to be sold in stores that sell puppies – and we’ve been quietly celebrating the various stores like PJ’s Pets in Canada, who’ve made moves to remove themselves from puppy sales, and focus on pet adoptions in their stores instead.

I was dismayed to read in this month’s issue of Pet Age Magazine, an editorial in which readers (i.e. pet supply store owners, distributors etc) were encouraged to stand up in favor of puppy sales continuing in shops. You can see the editor’s note, along with my letter of response, below:

Read the Pet Age ‘Letter from the Editor’

Read my Letter to Pet Age

At The Honest Kitchen, we’ll be continuing to advocate and champion stores who’ve been puppy-free from the day they began – as well as those who have eliminated puppy sales from their business more recently and taken their business in a fresh, new, ethical direction. We’re proud to work with such a wonderful group of resellers throughout the United States and Canada and applaud them on the way they do business.

I encourage you to support your local, puppy-friendly neighborhood pet supply store and boycott those stores who continue with puppy sales, (which in turn support the puppy farming trade). Hopefully this way, we can together show the pet products industry that there is a way forward that’s both morally sound and economically sustainable – and ultimately make the intensive breeding of dogs for retail purposes a thing of the past, to support rescues, shelters and responsible breeders instead.