September 3, 2013

Easy Dog Training Treats on the Run

Schooner is in socialization overdrive right now. I'm finding places to go every day so I can get him out and around lots of different sights and sounds. The more he sees in a happy and comfortable way, the less excited he'll be when it's time for him to settle in and get to work with his partner. We're still a good ways away from turn-in day, but the earlier he sees and experiences new situations, the faster he'll become a pro at handling the public life of a service dog. And the better service dog he'll be. 

As I was walking into the building, I tossed the treats into my treat bag and kept right on walking, not missing a beat. Schooner's loose leash walking was quite impressive, so I clicked and treated him for such nice work. I grabbed a quickie, popped it in his mouth and went right on stepping it off. He came back for more! His loose leash walking turned suddenly into "right next to my leg, not leaving my side" walking. It was pretty cool. 

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