May 22, 2012

6 whole plump chickens (before de-boning), 4 ripe bananas, 2 whole papayas, 1 heart of celery, 6 juicy apples, 1 head of cabbage……. and more!

We recently decided it would be great to show exactly how much fresh produce and meat it takes (before dehydration) to yield a 10 lb box of our finished dog food.

The answer is about 41 lbs! This photo represents the exact quantity of each individual ingredient in the Force formulation, based on the individual dehydration yield for each. Another interesting fact that came out of the photo shoot – it would take about $170 to buy this quantity of groceries at the store!

And of course when you re-hydrate it with warm water, you end up with about 40 lbs of healthy fresh food (every dry measure cup yields about 1 lb of fresh food after hydration). It’s a bit like an instant soup mix (without added salt, flavors, colors or preservatives)!