October 4, 2012

We know we don't always share just how much we love our kitties here at The Honest Kitchen. The office pups keep us busy with their daily antics, while our cats wait patiently (we hope) for us to come home. We wanted to show some pictures of our loyal kitties to you, and share some fun facts we learned while celebrating  cats this month!

Alo enjoys his patio

Contrary to popular belief, cats are the most popular pet in the United States and North America! Here at THK, dogs are the winner of the popularity contest, there are 23 dogs and only 3 cats! (Although there is talk of certain marketing assistant who would love to add a kitten friend to her pack).

Ollie pouts on the floor, while Simba makes herself comfortable in the warm spot he left.

Did you know, a group of cats is called a Clowder? One of our office pups Ollie goes home to his 'clowder' everyday. He is a Pittie mix with 3 kitty sisters, all of which are in charge, and he's okay with that.

Padfoot naps with his sister Toulouse

Most cats spend about 2/3 of their day sleeping , that's a lot of naps!

In just seven years, one male and one female cat could produce 420,000 kittens! That is 420,000 reasons why spaying and neutering cats is so important!

Cats can be Allies too!

Cats can be Allies too! Does your kitty love Prowl or Grace? Sign up for our Allies program and you can share your cats favorite food with other cat owners! Email allies@thehonestkitchen.com or visit our Allies page!