June 5, 2012

To The Honest Kitchen:

I just wanted to thank you for your great products. My dog has a rare autoimmune disease (uveodermatological syndrome) and I have posted the successful results of using your products on his blog which is partially used in some veterinary medical journals:


Both my Aussies absolutely love your foods. Corky and Lulu jump up and down like excited kids at every meal just before I put down their bowls. I am a firm believer in the power of plant based whole foods which The Honest Kitchen uses in abundance. I am extremely pleased that the fish used in "Zeal" is wild caught with hook and line instead of farmed raised or netted. The packaging and minimal processing THK uses seems to make the most sense also as far as retaining quality during shelf life compared to all other dog foods. Your company is definitely on the cutting edge.

The Honest Kitchen “Perfect Form” supplement cleared up Corky’s chronic diarrhea like nothing else could and since I switched his diet to THK “Preference” and “Zeal” his stools are always perfect. After only two months on THK his coat is thicker and his lab results improved to the point we can lower his thyroxine. I'm betting that this superb food will help boost his immune system and keep his disease in remission so Corky can enjoy a long happy life as his doctor predicted. This extra special gorgeous boy only gets the best and that's why he now gets The Honest Kitchen.

Thanks again for your great products!

Chris & Corky