December 2, 2012

We have a senior foster rescue dog who is probably 14 years old (it's hard to know for sure!) who we've been fostering, he is so picky with his food. We had tried everything! He came to us emaciated but is now a healthy weight. He's never had a huge appetite and has never had any extra padding as a result. Prior to Honest Kitchen, he would pick at his food and eat slowly, and if he did eat the entire bowl, it would take him 10 minutes. It was a frustrating process and we wasted so much money on food he didn't have much interest in. We decided to see if he'd like the Honest Kitchen and before I could barely put the bowl down - he had his mouth in it - and wanted to eat! He eats in 2 minutes flat now as he seems to really love your food! Thanks for your great products.