September 7, 2012

With Megaesophagus (ME) dogs, the food is pretty much the main issue....figuring out what will stay down and help them maintain a healthy weight. Because their esophagus doesn't work, these dogs regurgitate anything that's got chunks, lumps, or is too watery. The best thing about the Honest Kitchen Thrive is it's high calorie and already fairly smooth in texture and only requires a quick grind in the food processor to make it great for the Megaesophagus dogs. And the best part is that you can add or subtract the amount of water you need to make it whatever consistency you need. Additionally, since ME dogs can't usually drink water (causes aspiration pneumonia) it's nice to be able to add their daily intake requirement of water they need to their food.

For Monkey Doodle, he needs very smooth, high calorie food that can be made to a milkshake-like consistency. That's what has worked best for varies for each ME dog. Before finding Honest Kitchen I had tried so many different kinds of foods....kibble soaked overnight then blended, soft food mixed with soaked kibble, raw food blended with water....and on and on. Honest Kitchen was the first food he was able to keep down (most of the time...regurgitation still happens no matter what when you have an ME dog). We also use Perfect Form for digestion.

I also have an older (10 years old) Pitbull mix with Hemangiosarcoma. That's blood cancer. I was told that a grain free diet was best for any kind of cancer. I've had Kayla the Princess of the World on Embark and Zeal (I switch back and forth for variety). She's doing fantastic post-surgeries and chemo and has the energy of a puppy!

Finally...I travel a lot. I did have Kayla on a raw food diet, but that's not easy to maintain when traveling. Honest Kitchen is by far the easiest and best food to travel with. I'm so thankful for these products and can't say enough good things about them for both my "special needs" dogs. Thank you THK!