April 9, 2012

This is my 19 year old cat, Rebel. He’s always been very active and happy. But this past year he’s had ups and downs, health wise. He had been losing weight and slowing down, he was having difficulty keeping food down, and he was starting to barely taste or outright decline his usual favorites. I visited Critter Hut in Wakefield, RI and tried different gourmet canned foods, but Rebel didn’t care for most of them. Then I found your products. I put Honest Kitchen in front of him. . .he can’t get enough of it! I feed him a small amount of nutritious food several times a day, with no waste. He doesn’t even let me rehydrate the food completely — he attacks it as soon as I swirl the water in and put the bowl down. He’s regained some weight and seems to have rolled back some years! Every time I pick up a box of Honest Kitchen at the Critter Hut, I thank the owners for stocking your products. I realized that I should probably tell the folks who made the food how grateful I am. Thank you for making a tasty, totally nutritious food that my Senior Cat in Residence adores!