October 3, 2012

It has now been 9 months since Copper’s horrific, chronic bladder problems (crystals, recurring bacterial infections and bladder stones which required emergency surgery to remove them) and since I took him off the prescription garbage prescribed by my vet (which gave him horrible diarrhea and left him susceptible to a whole new batch of garbage-food related health concerns) and I could not be more thrilled.  This food is a life-saver!!!  He loves both the Prowl and the Grace (but seems to prefer the Grace because of the bits of zucchini in the Prowl, which he doesn't really care for) and he is fat, happy, healthy and thriving.  We have had absolutely no further health problems whatsoever, which I attribute to not only your exceptional products, but also to the fact that the water that is added to the food is beneficial for keeping the urine PH in a cat with these types of problems neutral so that crystals and stones do not continue to form.  I just picked up another box the other day and was thrilled to see that you've added a zip-lock to the bag – very helpful!

Thank you!

And P.S.  This was a cat who would absolutely NOT TOUCH wet food and I love that there is no nasty smell with your foods like the smell you get from commercially produced wet food.

cooper kitty