April 30, 2012

Hi folks,

Our little Shit-zu-Yorkie, Ellie May, is one of those cute little doggies with an all white face and mostly white all over. Well, when we bought her, she had stained eye syndrome (what do I know, I’m not a vet!). You know, that tear-produced dark stain under the eyes to the muzzle...

Anyway, we tried a bunch of stuff to wipe the stains away. Nothing doin. UNTIL, yes, until we began feeding our two little doggies a combination of Force and Keen supplemented by boiled chicken chunks. After about three weeks we began to notice the stains were pretty much gone. And now they are just a tiny trace.

The Force was Keen on that one!!

Good thing to add to your reasons why one should buy from the Honest Kitchen!

-Ellie May and Brutus