February 11, 2013

Buckie and Sadie True Stories

Dear Honest Kitchen,

I don’t do this (meaning write a letter singing the praises of a product), but I thought I really needed to tell you. I have 2 rescue pugs that are older and were not in great health to begin with. My female pug, Sadie, had a dental in which they removed 12 teeth so I needed to switch her to soft food (which usually means a huge weight gain…the never-ending battle with pugs). Then my male pug, Buckie, had crystals in his urine so I switched him to a special food that left him with diarrhea and an upset stomach. At 5 AM he would get us up so he could eat grass in the backyard and throw up. He gained so much weight with this new special food but seemed so hungry that I was so discouraged (again, the never-ending weight gain battle with pugs).

Then I started to do my research and found your product, specifically Zeal.

They have now been on Zeal for 4 months and Buckie’s urinalysis came back normal, plus his stomach doesn’t growl nor does he have diarrhea anymore. Sadie’s nose isn’t crusty and she has so much more energy plus she’s lost a little weight (not something I could have done before because I had tried and tried). They not only like it, they LOVE it!! Both sing and whine while I prepare it, when before they only ever just sat there (and pugs LOVE food!!).

Their coat is so shiny now and they have so much more energy that it is truly amazing. Thank you for such an amazing product. I really can’t say enough wonderful things about it.


K. M., Sadie and Buckie