May 20, 2010

We are pleased to announce Urban Pet as our Store of the Month for April, 2010!

In 2007, Urban Pet set out to re-define the traditional pet store for the better, devoting the store to eco-friendly products, innovative supplies, premium foods and training. As co-owners of Urban Tails, a Professional Dog Training company, Zack and Karena had been holding training classes in a parking lot of a local pet store. The store owner notified them she was shutting her doors, and Karena and Zack posed the “Why not?” question, took a leap of faith, and decided to open up their own full service store. Urban Pet opened in May of 2007, and within a few months, decided to bring in Honest Kitchen upon the request of a Hollywood Star, who’s 4-legged kid was thriving on Honest Kitchen.

Almost three years later, Urban Pet now has two locations, and Karena says that the Honest Kitchen “flies off their shelves!” We’re sure it has everything to do with their customer service, being an amazing resource of information for everything dog and cat in their neighborhoods, and of course, that handsome greeter, Mr. Moon.

Congratulations to Zack and Karena and the Urban Pet family. Check out more of the Urban Pet at
Thank you Karena and Zack!