September 6, 2011

“We have 2 cockers, Callie and Nicky B, who are both rescues. Not knowing what they had eaten in their prior lives, we started them on Embark immediately, only adding some (gasp) kibble for a few days to get them used to the food in their new homes.

They both started out as picky eaters with itchy, smelly cocker spaniel ears, and Nicky B occasionally did the “spaniel scoot” at the beginning of his time with us. Within about a month, VOILA! clean, pink good-smelling happy ears! No more “spaniel shuffle” either. Callie is epileptic, and we have not experienced a seizure in close to 2 years, we attribute that to a combo of her minimal meds and the food she eats. She just celebrated 5 years with us, and her ears have never needed any cleaning, her coat is shiny and silky, and she seldom scratches herself anymore!

Nicky B celebrated his 4th birthday in June, and he is also a shining star. We have NEVER had to clean his ears, and his anal glands are perfect! He is also super shiny and silky, and even with our cold northeast winters and hot summers; we have never seen “dandruff” or flakes on either dog.

We love you Honest Kitchen!”

- Judy