November 4, 2009

My husband and I are owned by 10 wonderful dogs (a wonderful byproduct of being involved in rescue for several years). We switched the ‘kids’ over to The Honest Kitchen about 2 months ago and are AMAZED! This is the first, and only diet that all 10 dogs (ages 1-16 years) have all thrived on. Our youngest, a 4lb Chihuahua eats her meals with gusto and we truly feel we are giving her a wonderful advantage in life by starting her off with a fabulous diet. In the past, we fed a vast array of dog foods (all premium but typically kibble) but were very hesitant to switch the eldest over to this new diet. Sophie had troubles with soft/loose stool but since switching her to The Honest Kitchen, she is THRIVING! Our Pekingese, Brandy is the worlds pickiest eater (this is a common Peke quality). It was normal for her to skip meals and show no interest in food. Since switching her to The Honest Kitchen, she RUNS for her breakfast and dinner. We just wanted to thank you for making such a wonderful product. Keep up the great work!!