January 11, 2010

I would like to write a review on your Keen formula. My Bichon’s been on it since the middle of September and I have seen the effects of your healthy food! The pads of his feet have become very, very black. For a while on the old food, they were looking grayish and not the dark black color pads that a Bichon Frise should have. Next, he had bad tear stains on the fur around his eyes and also stains around his mouth. They were very noticeable. After 2 weeks on Keen, they were gone! Third, he has noticeably more energy now. Fourth, he has finally stopped scratching! After being on Keen for a couple weeks, his allergies stopped. The Honest Kitchen was the only food that made his tear stains and beard stains go away completely.

It also feels so good that my dog loves his food and eats it when I put it down!