November 4, 2009

I switched Moses to Verve from regular kibble after taking him to the vet, again, for a skin rash/infection. He weighed in at 121 lbs – which was grossly overweight for a collie/husky mix. I switched him coldturkey without a problem. He ate it up with great enthusiam, licked his bowl for 5 minutes after all the food was gone, and then layed on his bowl as if to savor the meal. A month later, he has lost a much needed 8 lbs. Not only has he shed some pounds, but his skin rash has completely cleared up, his hip dysplasia and arthritis is much much better, he doesn’t beg for treats nearly as much, his poop and breath doesn’t smell, and he is an overall much happier, alert, and energetic dog. When I mix the food, I have to take him out for a walk while it constitutes just so he doesn’t go completely crazy. Wow. I’m a total fan. Thanks a gazillion times over.