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Our Nuzzles™ dog treats are made with duck & cherries for a luxurious, rich & irresistible flavor. They are low-calorie dog treats that don't skimp on flavor!

Nuzzles are made from human grade ingredients and crafted into a larger, heart-shape and have the perfect consistency for a dog biscuit - not too hard and not too crumbly. Plus, with just 2.3 calories per Nuzzle, you can share them often - a perfect bedtime snack.

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Written by Jules | 4/9/14

Every night my 2 toy poodles race back and forth from the kitchen to the den in anticipation of my husband and I sitting on the couch to watch television. They are excited because they are expecting their special treat of NUZZLES or PECKS- both which they adore! For tiny, fussy poodles it's amazing that they love both of the treats equally and they are easy for them to break apart and eat. I feel better knowing they are getting healthy, human grade treats thanks to The Honest Kitchen!

Written by Becky | 3/28/14

Nuzzles smell yummy. I even tried a nibble of one before giving some to the dogs. (I sample all my dogs food/treats) My female had to eat her first Nuzzle slowly and think about it, which is normal for her because she is very picky. The 2nd Nuzzle I gave her she ate without hesitation which says something positive for the product. My male scarfed his down and was quit aggressive about getting a 2nd. I like that these treats aren't filled with nasty junk. They smell like people food instead of the normal greasy feeling, raunchy smelling dog treats. I used my bonus points to buy our first order of Nuzzles but I will definitely purchase them in the future. Each Nuzzle is about the size of a quarter, which I think is a bit to large, but they easily break apart if I need them too.

Written by PackMom | 3/7/14

These heart-shaped treats are delicious! They are small enough to fit between the bars of a kennel, tasty, and crunchy. Our Mom gives us one every evening at bedtime. We all love them and get right into our beds.

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Barley flour, duck, molasses, water, eggs, coconut oil, cherries and parmesan cheese

Guaranteed analysis

Protein, 12.5%
Fat, 4.0%
Fiber, 1.2%
Moisture, 8.2%


Just 2.3 calories per Nuzzle!