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Our Pecks™ dog treats are made with buffalo and blueberries. Pecks are low calorie dog treats, with just .6 calories per Peck!

They're the perfect healthy dog training treats because of their smaller 'bite size' that's quick to serve and easy to munch, while your dog focuses on obedience, agility and other canine activities. Smaller than our Smooches and Nuzzles cookies, Pecks are also ideal for toy and small breed dogs – although big dogs love ‘em too!

Pecks are also small enough to fit into many interactive puzzle toys - you can even put some into a 'stuffable' toy and seal them in with a little cream cheese or peanut butter - perfect to keep your pup occupied for a few minutes!

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Written by Tina | 6/8/14

These treats are a keeper! My pets love them and they are just the right size for my little ones. We call them blueberry balls in our house. We just have to say the word and they know exactly what they are getting. They always get excited for this treat.

Written by jeffrey | 6/1/14

My sheltie is four years old but acts like he is in puppy training when I give him these treats.

Written by Katy | 5/31/14

My 8 month old puppy loves these. They are small enough to use as training treats so I don't fill her up with treats throughout the day. They also don't have that "dog food" smell that some people don't like. Will definitely buy again!

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Barley flour, buffalo, molasses, water, eggs, coconut oil and blueberries

Guaranteed analysis

Protein, 12.5%
Fat, 4.0%
Fiber, 1.2%
Moisture, 8.2%


Just 0.6 calories per Peck!