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The Honest Kitchen True StoriesTM

Browse 1245 stories of health and healing, from customers feeding The Honest Kitchen to their pet(s).

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meet Sochi, age 2

Sochi was a very fine Siberian Husky. I have had sled dogs since my father came back from...
Products used: Force, Verve
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meet Haruka, age 1

Haruka is a precious rescue dog and he had digestive problems until we got him on honest...
Products used: Love, Keen, Force
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meet Gizmo, age

Gizmo was rescued from a kill shelter in southern Illinois then came to me straight from...
Products used: Brave
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meet UCDX Tango's Celestial Navigator CDX-C, BN, RA, CDX, PCD, RA, age 3

I just ordered my spring supply of Honest Kitchen to be able to safely feed my boy as we...
Products used: Zeal, Keen, Embark
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meet Buster, age 4

Buster is my brother's 4 year old pitbull mix. My brother is currently deployed over...
Products used: Embark
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meet Skylar, age 5

I am so happy I found Honest Kitchen, and so is Skylar! Everyday I am amazed by the...
Products used: Verve
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meet Raina, age 5

This is Raina, she is my 5 year old Boxer. I first pulled her from Huntsville Alabama...
Products used: Embark
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meet Claire, age 3

This is Claire, she is my 3 year old Bloodhound that I rescued from the local animal...
Products used: Embark
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meet Max, age 3

Our dog, Max, used to have these very chronic, ear infections that would just not go away...
Products used: Embark
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