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meet Annie, age 12

Annie is a retriever and has always been a good eater. After she was diagnosed with...
Products used: Thrive, Keen
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meet Bailey, age

My dog Bailey used to have these horrible skin problems and ear infections. I didn't...
Products used: Force
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meet gunner, age 1

I have two goldens. One is a puppy and the other almost 2years old. They always enjoyed...
Products used: Revel, Bone Broth with Turm...
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meet Latté, age 8

I adopted Latté five months ago from Rescue. She is a wonderful companion, but I noticed...
Products used: Preference
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meet Gladys, age 10

Gladys is our ten year old Boston Terrier rescue (who joined her 10 year old brother,...
Products used: Force, Pro Bloom
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meet Mitzu, age 14

I came across THK while searching for human grade food for my senior guy. THK popped up...
Products used: Force, Revel, Pecks
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meet TOBY, age 4

I rescued Toby at 18 weeks .... he has his Canine Good Citizen award and he is a...
Products used: Revel
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meet Maggie, age

Maggie came to us as a pup. Her original owner had recently had a heart transplant but...
Products used: Thrive, Keen, Zeal
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meet Leo, age 5

Leo is a rescue who tricked me as a puppy five years ago, when he promised he would not...
Products used: Keen
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