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The Honest Kitchen True StoriesTM

Browse 1307 stories of health and healing, from customers feeding The Honest Kitchen to their pet(s).

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meet Binx, age

I've had Binx for a little over a month now. Before him, I lost another cat I had owned...
Products used: Grace
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meet Pixie and Peanut, age

Pixie and Peanut (age 12 and 10) absolutely love their food! For years we had searched...
Products used: Keen, Halcyon
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meet Fifi, age 11

Fifi always had stomach issues and after many visits to her veterinarian, she was...
Products used: Zeal
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meet Dexter, age 1

We were having a problem with Dexter not eating his food. He would eat for a while and...
Products used: Love, Chicken Proper Toppers
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meet Macie May, age 1

Hi, My name is Macie May, I just had my first Birthday! I remember there...
Products used: Love, Force, Embark
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meet Pip, age 4

Pip has had itchy (to the point of making himself bleed) skin and ears for years,...
Products used: Preference
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meet Ceili, age 2

Our big girl is a gentle giant. We adopted her from a loving family who just did not have...
Products used: Keen, Verve, Halcyon
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meet Titus, age 2

In March of 2016, my husband and I had the worst scare of our lives. Titus, our 18 month...
Products used: Love, Preference
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meet Elaine, age

Elaine had very little interest in food ever since she was a puppy! We tried a number of...
Products used: Force
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