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meet Cody, age 1

We rescued Cody from an animal shelter about 10 months ago. He was never very excited to...
Products used: Force
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meet Lulu, age 13

As Lulu has gotten older she loves to eat Honest Kitchen. It has helped her skin and...
Products used: Marvel, Verve, Brave
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meet Ruby, age

Our frenchie Ruby has always had an extremely sensitive stomach and is prone to digestive...
Products used: Marvel
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meet princess, age 12

Princess is a Jack Russell terrier who was diagnosed with heart disease/CHF when she was...
Products used: Keen
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meet Jasmine, age 2

Hi, our names are Caira and Jasmine; we have very sensitive stomachs and are finicky...
Products used: Revel
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meet Ratchet, age 6

I was so allergic I had no hair on my paws and my ears where crusty and gross! I lived on...
Products used: Zeal, Wishes
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meet Katsu, age 6

Katsu was a stray and rescued by Saving Shibas in Los Alamitos California. When I adopted...
Products used: Embark, Force, Love
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meet Maisy, age 12

The Honest Kitchen was recommended by my vet because of maisy's arthritis because it is...
Products used: Preference, Thrive
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meet Gwen, age 2

HK has been a saving grace for our Gwen! We adopted her from animal control when she was...
Products used: Preference
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