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meet Quinn, age

My foster puppy came to me malnourished and lethargic with bald spots and crusty dry...
Products used: Force, Halcyon, Love
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meet Bam Bam, age 13

Bam Bam was a rescue dog we adopted from the Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue about 11...
Products used: Revel, Keen
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meet Jasper, age 11

I have 4 dogs 2 Min Pins a Jack Russel and a very senior Husky mix one of the MinPin and...
Products used: Revel, Keen
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meet Twilight, age 5

As a dog trainer, a dog's mental and physical well-being is always my top priority which...
Products used: Keen
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meet Baby, age 8

Baby and I met after my older sister and I rescued her mom while we were in college...
Products used: Prowl
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meet Belle, age 9

The Honest Kitchen changed my dog. I took my beloved Belle in when she was eight years...
Products used: Revel, Hale, Keen
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meet Roz, age

Roz was our first rescue and also first exposure to mill dogs.She joined our family 3...
Products used: Zeal, Zeal
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meet Rocco, age 9

I own a Pet Care Company in which we provide care for dogs of all ages and sizes. I come...
Products used: Zeal, Beams, Ice Pups Treats
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meet Armor, age 6

Armors stomach was messed up forever Vet told me to switch food. Finally was told about...
Products used: Keen
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