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The Honest Kitchen True StoriesTM

Browse 1353 stories of health and healing, from customers feeding The Honest Kitchen to their pet(s).

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meet Luca, age 11

I adopted this sweet Senior boy, Luca after fostering him for Rescue since 3/15. When I...
Products used: Preference, Force, Love
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meet Jessie, age 12

Jessie is a 12 year old lab/viszla mix. She had always had issues with ear infections...
Products used: Force, Brave, Embark
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meet Jasmine, age 2

Hi, our names are Caira and Jasmine; we have very sensitive stomachs and are finicky...
Products used: Revel
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meet Mocha, age 8

Mocha and her sister Frappe are no strangers ro urinary crystals. I spoke to one of the...
Products used: Grace, Prowl
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meet Frappe , age 8

Frappe has to be on wet food due to past crystals in her urine, but every time I open a...
Products used: Grace, Prowl
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meet Ruby, age 8

Ruby was diagnosed with bladder stones at 3 years old. We found them after noticing that...
Products used: Revel
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meet Jiji, age 2

My husband and our family are stationed with him in Japan. We decided to see if we could...
Products used: Prowl
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meet Leeah, age 11

We started feeding our girl The Honest Kitchen after one of her blood panels came back...
Products used: Embark, Love
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meet Sunny, age 8

When Sunny came to live with us the breeder sent her home with some kibble and a box of...
Products used: Halcyon, Keen, Love
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