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meet Bubba, age 14

Bubba tested Heartworm positive last year and has congestive heart failure. He went...
Products used: Force, Keen, Verve
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meet Sabian, age 4

In 2011 I was awaken in the middle of the night by her shaking. I thought she was having...
Products used: Verve
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meet Attila, age 4

Attila and our other cat, Pumpkin, both suffered from urinary blockage within a year of...
Products used: Grace, Prowl
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meet Nellie, age 12

We've had Nel for 10 years now. In that time, she's always been in good health, or so we...
Products used: Embark, Keen
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meet Shasta, age 12

Shasta is approx. 12 years old, she is very active and climbs many flights of stairs...
Products used: Force
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meet Monster, age 15

Monster is one tough cookie! She's been battling CKD since 2007 when all those animals...
Products used: Prowl
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meet DeeDee, age 12

We got DeeDee and her sister (or I should say they got us) back in 2002. We didn't know...
Products used: Force, Beams
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meet Dona, age 13

Dona, my oldest "daughter" turned 13 on July 4th. Several months ago, I thought I was...
Products used: Force, Keen, Verve
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meet Draco, age 7

Draco had constant UTI infections for the first 4 years of his live. Medication after...
Products used: Embark
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