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meet Padme, age 1

Padme is from a long line of Aussies with very slow metabolisms. As a puppy, I fed her...
Products used: Love, Zeal
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meet Bea, age

Bea is my overweight kitty with cerebellar hypoplasia. She was always hungry between...
Products used: Prowl
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meet Cookie, age 5

Cookie, a 5 year old mixed breed dog, had started becoming very sluggish, overweight and...
Products used: Keen
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meet Porthos, age 2

I got Porthos as a 16 week old puppy. We've always stayed active but after a year we...
Products used: Verve, Fish Proper Toppers
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meet Orion, age 6

Before the switch to Honest Kitchen, Orion would ignore his food for as long as there was...
Products used: Halcyon, Revel, Hope
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meet Koda, age

Since my newly rescued best friend started eating The Honest Kitchen he will just stare...
Products used: Keen, Thrive, Revel
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meet Churchill, age 3

Churchill is a 3 year old english bulldog and he is not a very active dog. He was...
Products used: Zeal
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meet Charlie, age 9

A little over 6 months ago Charlie was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowl Disease. He was...
Products used: Preference
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meet Molly, age 3

Our dog Molly developed an allergy to high-end kibble right around the time she turned 3....
Products used: Keen, Verve
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