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The Honest Kitchen True StoriesTM

Browse 1295 stories of health and healing, from customers feeding The Honest Kitchen to their pet(s).

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meet Titus, age 2

In March of 2016, my husband and I had the worst scare of our lives. Titus, our 18 month...
Products used: Love, Preference
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meet Churchill & Chapel, age

Churchill, our English Foxhound (a very picky eater), has always had a sensitive stomach....
Products used: Force, Brave, Turkey Proper...
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meet Bascom, age 1

My pet is a bit of a picky eater and I want to make sure that he has the best food...
Products used: Embark, Chicken Proper Toppers
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meet Gritzie, age 7

Gritzie and her littermates was abandoned at a vet's office without their mother. The...
Products used: Grace, Pro Bloom
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meet Winston, age 6

Winston is a rescue kid, and also a Parvo survivor. Winston was always a good little...
Products used: Love, Zeal, Force
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meet Nismo, age

Nismo was given to me when he was 4 weeks old. His mothers owner wanted to get rid of his...
Products used: Love, Turkey Proper Toppers
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meet Tilly, age 3y

I rescued Tilly from Mexico while on vacation three years ago. Ever since bringing her...
Products used: Marvel
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meet Raiden, age 1

Raiden is one of the only dogs that I have ever owned that has been such a picky eater. ...
Products used: Keen, Verve, Revel
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meet Yarikh, age 8

Hi, I am so pleased to see my dog finally eat with appetite and having nice bowel...
Products used: Preference
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