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meet Leo, age 1

When we got Leo we fed him Blue Buffalo. He slowly stopped eating and started throwing...
Products used: Force, Embark, Brave
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meet Phinn, age 2

My Cavalier King Charles, Phinn, was a rescue and ever since we've had him at 6 months...
Products used: Keen, Embark
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meet Henry, age

Henry is one PICKY eater, which is funny since Corgis are known to eat everything. He...
Products used: Keen, Embark, Chicken Prope...
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meet Bookshelf, age 5

I was blessed with this special little man when a feral cat had a litter in my parents...
Products used: Prowl
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meet Dixie, age 1

Dixie is a rescue pup from a high kill shelter in New Mexico, we adopted her in Colorado...
Products used: Preference
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meet Sochi, age 2

Sochi was a very fine Siberian Husky. I have had sled dogs since my father came back from...
Products used: Force, Verve
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meet Raina, age 5

This is Raina, she is my 5 year old Boxer. I first pulled her from Huntsville Alabama...
Products used: Embark
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meet SADIE, age 6

My rescued Great Dane Sadie has more issues then I can list, food allergy's, picky eater,...
Products used: Marvel
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meet Sir Reginald's Rufus Braveheart (Rufus), age 9

Our veterinarian at the Animal Medical Center in New York recommended THK for Rufus as...
Products used: Love, Keen, Embark
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