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The Honest Kitchen True StoriesTM

Browse 1273 stories of health and healing, from customers feeding The Honest Kitchen to their pet(s).

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meet Clovis and Ebu, age

My story is a quest for healthy, safe, clean food for two precious pugs. It goes back...
Products used: Love, Zeal, Force
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meet Siren, age 8

Siren has had issues with canned wet food and dry food, sometimes behaving as though she...
Products used: Love, Zeal, Embark
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meet Norma Jean, Surri, Liara, age

All three of my girls are on a mix of the keen as well as Acana kibble, and I could not...
Products used: Keen
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meet Luna, age

My dog Luna has been suffering from digestive issues ranging from excessive gas to...
Products used: Force, Verve, Thrive
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meet Joseph, age 16

Over two years ago, my cat Joseph began to experience digestive issues. He would vomit...
Products used: Prowl
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meet wee Biscuit, age 12

Biscuit here, "wee Biscuit". I am a new found FOODIE, thanks to "the honest kitchen"....
Products used: Love, Force, Embark
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meet Lovie, age 8

Our 8-year-old chihuahua mix developed a need to eat grass first thing in the morning....
Products used: Keen
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meet Banzai, age 8

The Honest Kitchen has been the best food for my dog. He goes insane while waiting for...
Products used: Keen, Force
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meet Mack Lemore, age 1

Mack came into my life while I was walking my pup. She started whimpering staring into a...
Products used: Grace
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