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Abby's Story

Over 1 year ago, I was in search of a food that I could provide my diabetic dog, Abby.  Abby is 1/2 Schnauzer and 1/2 Yorkshire Terrier and was diagnosed in May of 2011 with diabetes.  The food recommendation that the vet offered, sent shudders through me when I saw the first ingredient as Corn meal, and was not something I was willing to try, especially when my Abby has allergies to contend with.  I had tried some good quality dog foods, and for several months tried raw foods... but I was hesitant to mix/prepare the raw foods for a long term solution, as I was  concerned with the proper nutrition.

  After much searching, I initially tried Honest Kitchen Thrive (in November of 2011).  Abby loved the food, but even though Quinoa is a good protein/carb source, I was not able to control the amount to work with her insulin and get good blood glucose curves.  I needed something that had very little carbs, and I could control the carb, if I needed to add one.   I decided to try Zeal (switched in August 2012).

  My Abby has been on Zeal for about 6-8 months now...and just wanted to report back to you that she is doing WONDERFUL.   Here is a list of some pluses:

  Paw licking has subsided
Schnauzer bumps have disappeared
She has maintained her eye sight
Good blood glucose that stays within a good range (I do add some millet to work with her insulin)
Shiny Coat
Energetic ..She looks and feels like a pup, (she just turned 13 in December)
Whiter teeth, less tartar

  I know of a few other folks that have switched to Zeal for their diabetic pups, and they too are having good positve results.  Insulin levels have decreased, and their pups just love the food!

  My Abby just LOVES, LOVES your food, and I can't THANK YOU enough for making a wonderful food for diabetics, with allergies.