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Lila's Story

Lila the foster dog came to us from a shelter where she lived for the better part of the year, having been returned twice by different owners who were not prepared to give her the attention she needed. Her story is such a wonderful reminder that so many dogs labeled 'difficult' are simply seeking homes where they can get the love, training, exercise, patience, and healthy diets they need to reach their full potential.

After four months living with and learning from our border collie mutt, Theodore, (a licensed Service and Therapy Dog), little Miss Lila already knows over 16 commands and delights everyone she meets! This silly, athletic, 45 pound Plothound / Coonhound mix makes us all smile on a daily basis.

She's a wonderful dog who is still looking for a home with (ideally) a NYC based couple (or individual) who is very active, has extensive experience training adult dogs and has the time to invest in her training and exercise regimen. (This hound is full of energy!)

We can also report that Lila has gained 5 pounds over the past few months. She'd been fed a popular grocery store brand kibble at the shelter and was undernourished. At first, she wasn't interested in The Honest Kitchen because she'd grown so accustomed to her low grade food. But after having a chance to settle in, and more important, having the opportunity to watch Theodore chow his Honest Kitchen, she made the transition and not only loves her meals, but has grown a few inches taller! Bravo! It feels good to know that she's getting the nutrients she needs as she moves through late adolescence! You can learn more about adopting Lila at our blog: www.eardog.com/blog