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After bouncing around the shelter system for a year, Deer found his way to a local dog rescue. When I started volunteering in October of 2009, he had already been there a while. He was very sweet with most people he knew but at adoptions all you saw was his cage aggression. He'd been adopted and returned, and we thought he would never find a forever home. I decided to foster him, and after a couple of months, it became obvious that he had picked me to be his person. During adoptions, if I left, he became so stressed that he started getting sick. At that point I decided it was time he had a forever family so I adopted him.

I've always fed my dogs high quality kibble, and even though he started gaining weight, he seemed healthy. About a year ago I started to notice his urine looked strange (he's potty pad trained) and took him to the vet. He was diagnosed with struvite crystals. I changed his food, tried the prescription food (which he hated and it didn't really help) I even started giving him cranberry powder but nothing worked. He had also gained so much weight that he no longer enjoyed going for walks or playing with the other dogs. By this time, Deer was getting regular bladder infections and I was seeing stones. It became so bad, the Vet and I thought he was going into kidney failure.

Around six months ago a friend introduced me to The Honest Kitchen. She owns a small pet store and, after telling her everything that had been happening with Deer, she suggested I try it. This has been a miracle food for Deer. His bladder infections have completely gone away and I'm no longer seeing stones in his urine. He's happier than ever, losing weight and able to walk twice as far as before.

I love Deer so much and will always be grateful for what your food had done for my precious boy. I couldn't imagine life without him!

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tell your story

Tell us how The Honest Kitchen has helped your pet and receive 100 rewards points!