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We bought Dasha from a reputable AKC breeder. Before you pass judgement we decided to do this because of the sometimes aggressive nature of the Doberman and wanted to see the blood lines and temperament of her parents. We got her at 11 weeks and were ecstatic. Quickly she began experiencing health problems. She had complications with digestion, bowel movements, and urinary incontinence. At first the UI didn't happen as often and we just thought it was her puppy status. After a year, seeing the vet every month, multiple antibiotics, several different dog foods we were beyond frustrated. The UI got so bad that we put her on PPA, the non hormonal medication - a step before you start giving them estrogen which we did not want to do. Even the PPA didn't work well. We gave it to her in the am and in the night but still the accidents were frequent. We bought more dogs beds, rubber sheets and more detergent.

Completely confused about a young dog experiencing UI, I started to research. We went to holistic dog vets to get second opinions with no real solutions given to us. It was a doberman online forum that I can across that revealed that a lot of female doberman owners were experiencing the same thing but mostly older aged. It said that raw diets seemed to work. No scientific back up but the dogs would just stop leaking. There was talk about the yeast, etc in carbs but nothing concrete.

We researched raw foods and learned that to feed a 90lb princess would cost us $80 every other day. While we will do anything for her this was a bit excessive. With the help of Tailwaggers we started her on Force - Healthy Kitchen. Within 48 hours the leaking stopped. We took her off PPA and there was no sign of any incontinence. She has been happily eating Force for about a year now and has only experienced two accidents. The only thing we found negative is that she looses a lot of weight on Force because of the pure healthiness of it so we feed her about 4lbs of boiled chicken a week which seems to offset the weight loss. We also give her hard antlers and greenies so her teeth do not rot from the soft food.

Honest Kitchen saved her and us from a difficult lifetime together. Incontinence sometimes leads people to give up their dogs and hopefully they will try this first if they are at their wit's end.

Our love for her is immense but a leaky dog is a very trying on human/dog relationships. We thank you, Dasha thanks you (because she can lay on our bed now) and our furniture thanks you.

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tell your story

Tell us how The Honest Kitchen has helped your pet and receive 100 rewards points!