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Winston's Story

Winston has Alopecia-X with a thyroid component which has caused considerable body hair loss since he was 2 years old, but he is still adorable, active, sweet, intelligent and affectionate. When I had to change dog food for all of my dogs about 4 months ago, Winston stopped eating and seemed to think eating was no longer a necessity. All the foods, canned and dry, that were tried he didn't like, consequently he lost weight, started licking his four paws which turned maroon, and began giving off a lot of gas more and more as the days went by. Needless to say that was embarrassing when company came.

Well, I was in a real dither - Rhett was not doing well and then Winston. I happened to see that The Honest Kitchen was in one of my subscribed canine magazines and it was okayed by Rhett's holistic vet. Reluctantly, I changed Rhett's menu first. After two weeks Rhett was doing so well, I decided to put Winston on FORCE. After several weeks of FORCE for Winston and four weeks with Rhett on VERVE, I was sure that this food was the way to go. Winston looks so much better. He no longer licks his feet so the hair on his feet and front legs are gradually returning to his natural color - white!! Winston no longer gives off gas anymore as of this week. And - he is eating well now, albeit I still need to finger feed him about half the time. I am pleased that Winston's weight is improving and his teeth look better. Thank you again so much, The Honest Kitchen, for helping me correct a nightmare at our house.

Mary Anne