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Willie's Story

Willie's story is long, but worth it I promise! Willie has always had a great life. Even with his previous owners he was loved tremendously! However, after Willie's female senior owner unexpectedly passed away, Willie became his remaining person's sort of replacement life companion. Meals were still made for two, and Willie would receive one of them. These meals of steak and ice cream, on top of no exercise due to Willie's owner becoming disabled, made Willie balloon to an unbelievable 67 pounds! Willie's person pleaded for help with his vet, who could only conclude that Willie would be better off put to sleep as no one would be able to commit the time, effort, or money on an already senior dog. In steps Sweet Paws Rescue of Massachusetts! After a teary goodbye with his person, they picked him up and started his diet that day. Fast forward a few weeks later and I come across Willie's news story and can't shake him. I emailed Sweet Paws Rescue offering Aquatic Exercise Sessions free of charge to aid in his weight loss, and one week later, I am fostering. Willie was switched over to a bland diet of boiled chicken and rice with carrots and peas and his FAVORITE generous helping of Zeal on top due to a bad case of colitis and diarrhea. Honest Kitchen has helped add crucial nutrients to Willie's otherwise bland meals , and we are seeing incredible improvement in his coat where he had some balding spots previously. Willie is down 10 pounds and will be receiving skin removal when he hits his goal weight of 40-45 pounds. You can follow Willie's progress on his Facebook page "Willie The Wonder Doxie," Thanks Honest Kitchen, for all of your products that ALL of my dogs not only go gaga for, but that I can feel really great about giving them and SEEING the difference! We are life-long customers.