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Abby Rose

Abby Rose's Story

I have spent a serious amount of time researching different dog food options for my six and half year old Boston Terrier, Abby Rose. Starting at a few years old, she began to develop chronic ear infections, dry / flaky skin, and itchy paws. Her weight also began to fluctuate and in order to keep her at a healthy weight, she would have to be slightly underfed and would always seem hungry. I switched her from one high quality and expensive kibble to the next, never finding a solution for all of her issues. No matter what I did, either her coat was flaky and dull, or she would gnaw her paws raw, or her ear infections would come back... Finally, after years of being overwhelmed by all the different options and failures, I started making her 100% homemade gluten/grain free meals.

Feeding Abby homemade worked great for over a year, and all of the health issues that plagued her for so long slowly became a thing of the past. Her weight, while more stable, was still a slight issue; but that was a small bump in the road compared to what we used to go through. However, with all the major perks to her new diet, the time, money, and effort that goes into preparing homemade dog food is substantial. Also, the pressure of having to provide enough variety and all the necessary nutrients is daunting, which was what eventually brought me back to scanning the market for different food options.

Once Abby was healthy and thriving on her new homemade diet, and the stress of caring for her began to subside, the idea of adding another dog to the family began to come up more often. We wanted a new little furry family member, but preparing meals for two dogs would be too much, and providing the essential nutrients to a growing puppy was extremely concerning to me. Then, preparing for a weekend backpacking trip, my boyfriend came across this “super neat freeze dried dog food for lightweight backpacking trips!” I initially wrote it off, thinking of all the crazy things that could be in such a food. Then I began reading about this strange company, and the dehydrated human-grade food they make in their FDA inspected facility. Their ingredients and different diets amazed me, and we decided to go against my initial reservations and purchased a 4oz sample pack of Preference. How neat? A base diet that I can add my own protein of choice too! Upon arrival, Abby got to try her first meal of The Honest Kitchen. She loved it. She ate the whole bowl, and ate a ¼ cup serving everyday for four days, with absolutely no adverse reactions. In fact, her sensitive Boston Terrier digestive system had never been so healthy! We had found the answer, and a few months later Abby’s little BT brother Guster Bear joined our family at 8 weeks old!

Abby’s health has never been better. Her coat is glossy, ridiculously soft, lush and gorgeous. Her skin is hydrated and flake free. She has not chewed her feet or displayed any signs of ear infections, and best of all, she is now at her ideal body weight for her size while eating MORE than she did before. She lost a whopping 2 pounds, while enjoying her food and satisfying her hunger at each meal. All of this, and I still spend less than what I would if making homemade, or buying kibble. She still eats human-grade food, and my life is easier providing it to her. There could not be a better example of win-win situation. I am a believer, and will always be feeding The Honest Kitchen to my beloved dogs. Abby loves it, and deserves it.

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