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Red Magic

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Red Magic's Story

Red Magic the magnificent Irish Setter, although I just call him Magic, is truly a special fur-son. I found him through an Irish Setter rescue group and from the moment I saw him I realized that...he rescued me. Magic has such a sweet face and personality, it is impossible to imagine how anyone could toss him away.

When I brought Magic home, he was emaciated, weak, and beaten, both physically and mentally. It is almost a miracle, looking at Magic now when compared to how he looked back then. Thanks to The Honest Kitchen, he now has the most beautiful red coat and overall physical condition possible.

I am wheelchair bound as a result of an injury sustained in the line of duty while working in Homeland Security, and Magic is such an integral part of my life. He gives me a purpose each day to heal from my surgeries and learn to walk again. If Magic can go from a starved and homeless rescue dog to what he is today, I too can recover.

Thank you, Honest Kitchen, for helping Magic become everything he is today!


Diana Dunigan (rescued by Red Magic)