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Utah was a rescue, and came to us very underweight at 89lbs. He was not very interested in even the most expensive and "best" dog foods (Fromm, Orijen, Pure Vita) and frequently refused meals. We attributed his poor eating habits to some unknown past experience, and did our best to entice him to eat. After 6 months, we finally got his weight up to 105lbs, but continued to struggle with gastrointestinal issues (gas, burping, stomach noises, refusal to eat, occasional vomiting). Then one day he got very ill from a can of Wellness Lamb and began eating grass and vomiting. He ate so much grass trying to make himself vomit, that he got an obstruction and had to have surgery to remove 2lbs of grass from his stomach! After that, I said NO MORE commercial dog food! I also had a Flat-Coated Retriever who had constant gastrointestinal issues his entire life and currently have a Newfoundland with allergies and arthritis. After much research on making homemade dog food, I finally decided to do it! However, I was nervous about doing it correctly, and decided to start with HK Preference and my own organic meats and proteins until I became more comfortable with making homemade dog food. WELL, they LOVE the Preference and I trust the company so I've continued using Preference as a base for my homemade dog food and just add the additional ingredients I want my dogs to have. And Utah? His gastro problems are completely GONE! He wakes me up for his breakfast and lays by his bowl as I make his dinner! My Newf's allergies have much improved and she is clearly healthier with a beautiful coat, brighter eyes and increased energy and mobility! Very happy we discovered Honest Kitchen. My only regret is that I didn't do this earlier!

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tell your story

Tell us how The Honest Kitchen has helped your pet and receive 100 rewards points!