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Sawyer's Story

I adopted Sawyer over 1.5 years ago. He had stomach issue from day one. He was not excited at meal times, not interested in treats and often had diarrhea which progressively got worse.. After running a multitude of tests my vet was able to identify a long list of food allergies and the probability of IBS, IBD, or Colitis. With all his food allergies there were very few foods he could eat but Thrive was one of them. I was thrilled to learn that a quality line such as Honest Kitchen offered something for him. Once I switched him to Thrive I could see the change in him after several weeks. No more diarrhea and he was excited to eat for the first time! Plus he LOVES Quickies. It is a perfect training treat. Only one ingredient and the size made it possible to use while training. Beams and wishes are also great options that I can tell he enjoys. He is a changed dog, happier and healthier- and that makes me so relieved and estatic.