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Arvo's Story

Arvo has never been happy with his food. I've tried every top quality kibble on the market and he only ever ate the bare minimum. I added fresh meats to the top that of course would at least get him near the bowl but really only enough to pick the good stuff out. It was obvious he wasn't absorbing much from the food that he was eating. When a friend shared some of her Honest Kitchen Zeal for both my dogs, it was an immediate change. Both dogs now stand in the kitchen and bark during the rehydration wait time. My old girl with bad hips even decided it was worth standing on her hind legs to try and get the food off the counter sooner. Arvo now eats all of his food and it is clear that he is absorbing more nutrients from the Zeal. Both my dogs are very happy about the transition. I use other flavors mixed with meat, eggs and potato or coconut flour for grain-free treats the dogs will do anything to get.
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