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Raven was diagnosed with Cushings Disease about 5 years ago. Her overactive adrenal gland caused her body to not utilize food properly. Our vet told us that the Cushings could make Raven go either way: very heavy, or very skinny. Over the past year, Raven went from being a chubby 26 lbs to becoming very, very thin (about 14 lbs) and could no longer control her bowels. It seemed no matter what I fed her, or how much she ate, I could not put any weight on her. I really thought we were going to lose our little girl. I took her back to see the vet to get her opinion on what we could do. Her little skin and bone frame were painful to look at and she was getting weaker by the day, no matter how much she ate. Dr. Janet Varhus sent home a sample box of "the honest kitchen", The Force. That first night, I scooped out what I referred to my husband as "the hay" that I was to feed the dog, I was incredibly skeptical about how this could possibly help my dog. I was actually surprised she even would eat it.

Then, the impossible happened! Within 2 days of starting "the force", Raven was no longer walking and pooping! Then, after the first week, Raven was playing again and being much more energetic than she had been in months. I went down to the vet clinic and purchased a full sized box! I couldn't believe how much better she was! Now she has been on 'the force" for almost a month and while she will never be her full weight again because of the Cushing's Disease symptoms, she is about 17 lbs now and back to her happy little self. I feel that because your food is already broken down and as natural and basic as it gets, her delicate system can digest the food easily and break down the nutrients and get them into her system much more quickly.

Going from thinking I was taking my little girl to the vet to find out how many more days she would be with us to my playful, silly, loving little girl putting weight back on and feeling good is the best gift you could have ever given me. Thank you for your AMAZING dog food and for bringing my girl back to us.

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tell your story

Tell us how The Honest Kitchen has helped your pet and receive 100 rewards points!