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Purl's Story

Purl is a very playful cat who was abandoned in a parking lot where the local spca brings a wellness truck. First time I saw her she was playing at the Redbox with a banner rope. I was being threatened with foreclosure and had a cat dying years after being poisoned by the 2007 cat food recall.

Xmas week came with freezing cold temperatures. I remembered Purl from the week back and went
to check on her. After a long night of hide and seek she jumped into a cat carrier with food. That week her picture went up on PetFinder and my long suffering cat died.

4 Weeks later. Purl's water broke on my lap. I discovered too late that she was pregnant. Her nutrition had been poor for a pregnant female. From the first day of this kindle's birth I started to look for nutritional supplements/KRM and wholesome chemical free foods. That became a long quest.

I signed up for Susan Thixtan's pet food advocacy newsletter. Honest Kitchen published the countries where they sourced their pet food ingredients. Also, I noticed they signed a promise to give early recall information. For those of us who had pets die from the 2007 recall, that was important.

At one year old, all of Purl's crew, the kindle, tried Prowl for the first time. It flopped on at least half of them. Mom kept dragging in frogs behind my back to feed them.

At 3 years old, a few of Purl's grown kindle started to develop problems that I have been told are normal for cats that age, and some that are not. We switched again to prowl. It wasn't a substitute for medical care but right now it appears a better choice for a couple on a canned food with chemical additives. One of my males with stomach problems. He loves dry kibble but has finally started eating Prowl regularly, although he likes it spoon fed! His stomach problems appear better at this time.

Purl hasn't brought us a frog in a long time, I think that's good!