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Wilma was our first pug, and we always tried to feed her the best possible diet we could. We learned some things along the way, and after adding Brigitte when Wilma was 2, and Sluggo when the girls were 7 & 8, we were looking for a diet they could all eat. When we had started Sluggo on puppy food, Brigitte wouldn't eat her food, because she though she was missing out. We found a good food made by a reputable company and were relatively satisfied, until the dogs started getting sick. The small company who produced our pugs food had sold to a large corporation, unbeknownst to us. Our dogs were back and forth to the vet more times in that year than they had ever been.

That was when we researched all of our options, including what I was prepared to do, which was give them all home cooked meals. I came upon The Honest Kitchen, and I liked everything the company stood for. My fear was that I would not give the dogs the proper balance of vitamins and minerals. With Honest Kitchen Preference, that fear was eliminated. I make the dogs a meatloaf of organic turkey, fat free cottage cheese and eggs, and mix it with the base mix. They love it!!! Pugs tend to easily gain weight, especially in the winter when they can't spend as much time outside exercising. Honest Kitchen trimmed off the weight, and keeps them at an optimal weight.

I could go on forever about how much I love this company and the products it produces, and I often do to anyone who will listen. We have been fostering pugs for the past year, and this is where we have seen the most significant changes in an amazingly short period of time. Overweight pugs with severe skin issues, joint disease and dull eyes, have just thrived on this diet. All the fosters who have been adopted have stayed on the diet in their new homes, and the owners have switched their other dogs over as well with noting but positive outcomes!

I sometimes hesitate to offer such high praise to the company for fear of them getting too big and changing their practices. I have not seen this happen, and wish them nothing but success. I wish all dogs and cats could be fed The Honest Kitchen!

They love all the treats from The Honest Kitchen as well, and I just picked up some pro Bloom today to try with Sluggo who tends to have a sensitive stomach.

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tell your story

Tell us how The Honest Kitchen has helped your pet and receive 100 rewards points!