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Stitch's Story

Stitch is big for a Frenchie, but still he had to lose a couple of pounds. I'd been feeding him a pretty decent brand of food, but even though it was for weight management, he was still hovering above 30lbs. I switched him over to Zeal after the sales girl at my local pet store recommended it, and we couldn't be happier. After two months, Stitch has managed to drop below 30 lbs, and all his previous, um, digestive issues have all gone away. His coat is shinier, his tummy happier, and he's now a lean and mean playing machine. Not to mention that he absolute LOVES this food. He goes crazy for it. Before he used to politely let us know when breakfast and dinner time had arrived, but now he positively vibrates with excitement and impatience. Once he's done with his meal he comes over to me and gives me a satisfied burp to let me know how much he enjoyed it.