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Alpha Girl

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Alpha Girl's Story

Alpha Girl has always been a finicky eater. Her brother, (Whitty) would always wait for her to walk away from her bowl and then finish her food. I'd have to wait in the kitchen to spoon feed her (she likes that) so she'd get to finish. My pet store had some samples of Prowl and Grace and I tried it. OMG! It was like a treat for her. Whitty was rather nonchalant about it. Anyway, I decided to try it in a bigger way and not just as a treat. I first ordered your sample sizes and then committed to the 4 LB size. She loves it! She finishes her food! And I LOVE the economy of it, both in size and cost. And, btw, I watched your online video and have been following your advice by adding more into Whitty's food. It's working! Soon...out with the cans. YAY