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Lola's Story

Lola is simply the best dog in the world. We have three total but she was my first and she is my world. She was a rescue and has gone through multiple grueling surgeries just to be able to keep her semi-mobile. She has a condition where her knees dislocate and they have been fixed multiple times but the pain and arthritis that comes with this condition is so unfair to such a sweet and beautiful little girl. She is missing most of her teeth and has all kinds of dental issues but is too fragile to put under for a dental cleaning. She also has severe skin allergies and simply has a rough life. YET, she is always happy and hilarious. YOUR FOOD ROCKS! She loves it and it doesn't hurt her teeth. She has no allergies to it and it has inspired me to change all of my pets food. The funniest part is having to wait before serving it because Lola dances around the kitchen impatiently. Thank you!