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Felicity stole my heart more than six years ago when she *demanded* from her shelter cage that I bring her and her sister home with me immediately. I was visiting the shelter with my then-fiance and had no intention of actually bringing home any anipals that day, but Felicity didn't care, and so I guess I didn't either. Since then, I've been doing what I can to be the best mom to them, which includes feeding them the best food I can afford.

The kitties were raised on a combo of dry kibble and canned food - the kibble is doled out by my DH in the morning while I am still in bed and I take care of the slightly-more-involved feeding of canned food in the evenings. I had been working at a veterinary clinic for two years and got a pretty sweet discount on the food they sold there, so that's what the cats (and dogs) have been eating for the past couple of years. A vet there convinced me that the companies that sold that food were some of the best due to the amount of testing they do to ensure quality and efficacy, so I felt comfortable feeding it to my furkids.

Now that I have moved on from that job, I had to start looking for other options again since food sold at vets isn't exactly cheap and although I'm not poor, I wouldn't consider myself particularly affluent either. I went to a local pet store and picked up some samples of different cat foods to try, which included several different kinds of kibble and two different kinds of dehydrated raw food. THK was not included, but since the kitties both liked the dehydrated raw samples I decided to look into that option a little more.

I discovered that just about all dehydrated raw cat foods on the market are very pricey. I liked the idea of feeding it to my cats, but the cost was prohibitive. I happened upon THK's website and ordered their sample bundles to try since that was nearly free, and after I saw that both kitties were accepting of the food and it didn't cause them any tummy upsets, I looked into the cost. I found that the price of a 4-lb box of Prowl (which my cats liked slightly better than Grace) divvied up into nightly feedings was roughly equivalent to splitting a can of Fancy Feast between them each night. That I can do, especially considering that the quality of THK's food appears to be so much higher than that of most canned foods.

So even though I've only been feeding THK to my precious kitties for a few days now, I cannot wait to see how it will positively affect them. If anything, I have the comfort of knowing that I am giving them whole foods that are regularly tested for quality and safety and are even taste tested by humans. How many other pet food brands can say the same about their products?

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tell your story

Tell us how The Honest Kitchen has helped your pet and receive 100 rewards points!