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Mac's Story

My daughter rescued Mac when he was 14 weeks old. The day she brought him home he was extremely bloated, starving, and had red hotspots covering his belly and inner thighs. He was being fed 3 whole cups of commercial brand kibble since he was weened from his mother at approximately 5-6 weeks old. We cleaned him up and put him on what we thought to be a much better food, Purina Pro Plan. His bloat did decrease after a few days but the hot spots remained and seemed to be getting worse. Within two weeks of owning Mac, my daughter began working at Natural Pawz and learned the horrifying truth about commercial pet food. We immediately switched his food to Honest Kitchen and within a week, the hot spots were gone and he was at a perfect weight for his age. Not only did his signs go away, he also became a much happier and confident dog. His separation anxiety improved immensely. Mac is complemented on his coat ALL of the time!!! He is the softest pitbull I have ever met and just an absolute sweetheart. I couldn't be happier with our results due to Honest Kitchen!!!