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Toby's Story

Toby has hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), and when his blood sugar levels drop too low he has a seizure. That's a really scary situation and I've been doing everything I can to fix the problem without medications. (I have a personal vendetta against commercial medications both for humans and animals, I also can't afford a vet right now)
Eating regularly is a pretty basic fix, and I've found that while he'll eat regular dog when he's hungry, he doesn't really care for it. I've read a lot about grain free dog foods and thought that seemed like the way to go. Grain-free really keeps his body fueled longer and his blood sugar sustained longer (or so it seems). He loves to eat it, but he doesn't need as much of it to satisfy him as he did regular grain dog food. He doesn't have seizures nearly as often. (Though there are some other things I've added to his diet to help).

Grain-free dog food does wonders, and that's why I came to Honest Kitchen, they've got good stuff!